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Why Termites Treatment Important?

Termites are the hidden enemy of human being, as the damage is being observed / noticed only after it is being occurred. There are mainly two types, one is subterranean more than 2300 spp & and other is dry wood around 230 spp. This is the only insect which digests cellulose and now evolving the habit of digesting even never cables made up from poly vinyl chloride (PVC), neoprene etc., being used in communication. Electrical pipes, fittings etc and hence needs to be controlled scientifically. By nature are social insect having colony with queen, king, workers and shoulders, where in workers are only damaging. The breeding potentials heavy and QUEEN is known to be eggs laying machine, which lays more than 40,000 eggs per DAY once it starts the same. They can enter into the structure even through the gap of .5mm or 1/64th inch space.

Termites Control
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Treatment of termite tubes

Visible shelter mud rubes are first sprayed, to control the existing movement of termites. The mud tube will be then removed and treatment will be given to the infected area.

Treatment along the external perimeter of the building

Trenching or drilling holes of 12mm diameter 12 inches apart along the external walls of the building at depth of 1 ft. Will be carried out to create a chemical barrier/killing field around the building. All the drilled holes will be sealed. If the building is on still, holes will be drilled only along the column side at ground level. If there is loose earth around the walls of the building, reading will be done on every ft. Adjacent to the external surfaces of the foundation wall up to a depth of 500 mm from the ground level. If the building is surrounded by a garden, the treatment shall be carried out on soil, which is in immediate contact with the building.

Termites Control Treatment procedure

Stage – 1 (bottom and sides of the trenches of the foundation)
The first stage i.e. Anti termite treatment to the foundation is carried out after the excavation of the trenches is complete. The bottom surface and the sides (up to a height of about 1 foot) should be treated with the chemical emulsion-made chemicals listed above at recommended concentrations. Masonry foundations and basements should be treated with the chemical emulsion of the surface area.

Stage – 2 (before laying floor concrete treatment)
Before laying the floor, treat the top surface of the consolidated earth within the plinth walls with chemicals at the rate of 5lit. Per square meter. Ensure the backfill against the foundation is treated to its full depth.

Stage – 3 (external perimeter treatment)
After the completion of the building, the soil along the external perimeter of the building should be rodded at intervals of 15 cm and to a depth of 30 cm. By the forward and backward movement of steel rods break up the soil and anti-termite chemical be poured along the wall of the vertical surface area. This forms a chemical barrier for termites in soil.

Warranty: 10 years service warranty in case of reinfestation at any structure with spot treatment and doing the same will be free of cost.

Product: Termiticide

Brand: Bayer Premise SC

Product Overview

The premise contains imidacloprid 30.5% SC and can be used for post-construction anti-termite treatment.

Key product benefits

  • Non-repellent insecticide which does not allow the termites to detect the gaps in the barrier formed due to improper application
  • The premise does not kill termites immediately on contact and allows more termites to be exposed to treated soil thus giving a better control
  • Exposed termites transfer toxicants to nestmates not directly exposed to soil,
  • Causing indirect mortality


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